Frequently Asked Questions

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Before you can play, you must sign our waiver!

Easily do so by scanning this QR code 

*If you have a fever or are feeling sick we ask that you reschedule your event 48 hours prior to your event starting.
*If you feel your immune system is compromised or that you will get sick if you are out and about this may not be the experience for you.


How long is the experience?

Plan to spend at least 90 minutes at our facility. See our EVENTS  page for info on booking private parties and team building.

Can children participate in the games?

Our games and equipment are for adults 12 plus. Minors can participate with an adult chaperone present. However a waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian for each under aged player  (CLICK HERE) ,print, have it signed and bring with. Our games are great bonding experiences for teens and adults.

What is a Virtual Escape Game?

Virtual Escape Games are not video games!  They are larger than life adventures that you and your team will experience as if you are there!  Never alone, you become the hero of the movie, experiencing situations  in total safety that would be far to dangerous or  impossible in real life!

What should I wear?

Casual is best, heels and boots are no recommended.

When should I arrive?

Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before your game start time. This is critical to allow for you to meet your Operator, get a quick mission briefing, and sign waivers.

What if someone in our group (or I) have had a few drinks before we get to the game?

We reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone appearing visibly impaired. If you are substance- impaired you will receive no refund or rescheduling. We take the safety of our staff and other guests very seriously. You need to think clearly complete our missions!

Is this good for team building?

Yes! Our experiences are made for teams! You MUST work together, everyone has a role to play! The key to success is talking, listening and collaboration with your teammates. 

VR makes me sick is it for me?

No Worries! Our titles are designed to avoid motion sickness. A common trigger trigger for motion sickness is poor performance or low frame rates, something our developers have addressed. Less than 1% of our players experience motion sickness.

Are your games handicapped accessible?

YES! We have multiple game from Ubisoft that allow for accessible play options.

Do I need a reservation?

Yes, walk-ins are welcome if space allows.  

Can I take photos and selfies?

Yes, you will have time after your game. Due to licensing we do not allow pictures or video of the operators monitor while a game is being played.

What if I want to book outside normal business hours?

Contact us at or call 617-286-2183 to schedule a private event.

Do you take cash on site?

We can accept the exact amount including tax. We don’t keep cash on site, therefore we cannot make change. You will have to call in advance and use a credit card to reserve your space. We will not charge your card unless you cancel within within our 24 hour no refund time frame.

How many people can each game accommodate?

Most will accommodate either 2 or 4 players at a time.(see game specifics on booking page). Currently we have 10 VR headsets.

Will we be placed with strangers to fill the time slot?

VR games are inherently "socially distant", and our minimum booking is for two players. Our arenas hold four players so if you would like to have a private arena you will need to book all four spots. 

Can other people come with me?

Only for private events. We always keep our occupancy level at safe numbers. If you need to bring along a friend or chaperone let us know by adding a comment in your booking window.

I am not a gamer gamer is this for me?

Yes! 100% Our experiences are not video games! They are intuitive experiences made for everyone, from 12 to 85. The experiences are non violent, focusing on cooperation between players. Perfect for families, and corporate events!

What if I need to change or cancel my reservation?

All Purchases are non refundable. Once purchased, you will have 7 days prior to your booking to reschedule for store credit.

Due to scheduling of other groups and staff, there are no cancellations withing 24 hours.


Can I buy a Gift Voucher for someone?

Yes we have them. Shop Here. 

What is parking like in Kenmore Square?

Metered parking is available and usually there are spots on Newbury St (behind Key to Amaze). All meters are active 8AM-6PM Monday through Saturday and have a two hour limit. There are also many public lots and garages in the area as well. Make sure to check if there is a game or event at Fenway park!!! 

What about Public Transportation?

Busses: 8, 57, 60, 65

Greenline: All trains except the E line

Does playing VR cause eye strain?

Virtual Reality headsets have unique screen designs. Unlike a TV or a cell phone your eyes remain in a relaxed state while viewing. The headsets are basically reflecting visible light back and no low frequency waves.

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