Asked Questions

Health and Safety Measures

What is your cleaning and disinfecting procedure?

Sanitizing our equipment and facilities has always been a standard procedure as health, safety, and cleanliness is a priority. We clean and disinfect all equipment after every use, including the masks on our headsets, headset lenses, headphones, controllers and any props you may use. You can see our sanitization video here (add link) which details further measures we take. Our institutional grade disinfectants are qualified for use against COVID-19 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

How do players avoid each other and walls?

Everyone can see each other as an avatar. You won't look like your normal human self, but with communication through the headsets you can talk to each other and figure out who is who in your group. Additionally, your play arena is defined by “glowing” boundaries to prevent you from exiting the game area. As long as you pay attention and follow the in-game instructions from your operator, it will be safe for you. Finally, we are also there to spot people in certain scenarios and let you know if you are wandering too far from your area.

Can I get motion sickness?

Motion sickness is caused by a difference between your actual and perceived motion in the VR environment. No one can 100% guarantee you wont get sick, however, we have several advantages to other VR experiences you may have tried before: We use the latest wireless VIve Pro headsets, it’s room scale so you can freely move around, We pick games that have low latency and faster tracking. Most of our guests who have had motion sickness in other VR experiences do not experience it with us at Key to Amaze VR.

Pricing & Booking

What are your hours of operation?

Currently we are open Wednesday through Sunday. As we get busier we will add additional times to accommodate more guests. Wednesday- Thursday 5pm - 10pm Friday 5pm - 2am Saturday 2pm - 2am Sunday 2pm-10pm

How much is a ticket?

TIckets are $51 per person. You can change your experience up to the start of your reservation time. Depending on your group size you may add players up to the time of your reservation.

Would you like to extend your VR playtime?

If you would like to book back to back VR time give us a call. We offer a discounted rate for the second booking ( this is subject to availability ) Give us a call at 617-286-2183, if we don’t pick up leave us a message and we will call you back as soon as we can.

Can I change or cancel a booking?

Cancellations at least 48 hours before your scheduled booking will be issued a full refund to the original payment method or a gift certificate to be applied to a future booking. Cancellations between 24-48 hours of your booking, will be charged a $50 fee with the balance of your payment issued as a gift certificate to be applied to a future booking. Cancellations or no shows less than 24 hours in advance will not be refunded. Changes to your booking are not guaranteed, and are subject to availability of the requested time change. Please email events@keytoamaze.com or call 617-286-2183 to make changes to your reservation.

What if I want to book for a large group?

If you'd like us to help book a group of more than 8 people, let us know on our events page (Link) page. You can also make special requests there and see our event pricing examples for larger groups and longer duration parties.. Please feel free to call us with any questions at 617-286-2183

Can I buy a gift card?

Yes we offer gift cards you can buy them on our website here (LINK) All Gift card sales are final and non refundable. They are redeemable for the monetary value they are purchased for towards one of our experiences only. Lost, stolen or misplaced gift cards are not replaceable, valid or refundable.


What are the physical and age requirements?

Guests must be: 8 Years or older & (48″) or taller to play Most of our experiences can accommodate participation by players in a wheelchair or that prefer to sit for medical reasons. For guests under 18 years old, a parent/guardian must be physically present in the location during the session to sign a minor waiver form. Because our experiences are realistic we do not recommend this experience to those with heart conditions or other conditions that may result in elevated heart rates from jumpscares, heights or fast paced environments. We also do not recommend some experiences for pregnant women.

When should we arrive?

You must check in at our location 15-30 minutes prior to your booking time with a team member. We cannot start until your whole party is present. Please allow for traffic, parking, public transit delays, and the time it takes to walk to our location once parked when planning your arrival. Due to our booking times, we have a strict 5 minute grace period policy for your reservation. Players who arrive less than 5 minutes late for their booking time will have a shortened experience. To ensure other guest bookings are not impacted, if you arrive later than 5 minutes past your booking time, it will result in the cancellation of your booking. a $50 fee and the rest of your initial payment will be issued to a voucher that can be applied to a future booking date. No-shows result in automatic cancellation of your booking and forfeiture of complete payment.

Can I wear glasses?

Yes, the Vive Pro headsets can accommodate most sets of smaller framed glasses. Larger framed glasses may not work any may get scratched if used. We recommend the use of contacts if possible.

How do the experiences work?

We use the Vive Pro headsets. This combined with a wireless receiver gives you a truly room scale experience. With no wires or heavy backpack, only a small battery the immersion in your virtual world of choice is taken to the next level. We have spent countless hours working on the positioning of the hardware to ensure you have the best possible experience. Combine this with the ability to play with your friends and share the experience and you get something you won’t get elsewhere.

How long is the experience at Key to Amaze?

Plan for a total of about 1 hour for your VR experience consisting of Arrival and check in with a team member 15-20 minutes prior to you booking time to ensure your VR experience does not get cut short About 10 minutes of equipment and gameplay review About 30 minutes in the VR experience 10 minutes after your experience getting out of the equipment and collecting your belongings.

How to I sign the child waiver?

clink the link below and fill out the form. https://www.keytoamaze.com/waiver

Playing the Games

How physical are the games?

You are in the game, your body becomes the controller. You can duck, dodge, WALK (not run), shoot a bow or a gun just like in real life. That said if you are sitting we can change many games to adapt to your restrictions so you will be able to play the same as your friends.

How many people can play?

We require a minimum of two people per booking. This will mean you may share an arena with another couple but your experience will be your own if you choose. Depending on the experience, our largest game can support up to 8 guests at once in the same game. If you'd like us to help book a group of more than 8 people, let us know on our events page (Link) page. You can also make special requests there and see our event pricing examples for larger groups and longer duration parties.. Please feel free to call us with any questions at 617-286-2183

Do you allow sharing of headsets?

Yes, here are the guidelines: You must book for a minimum of 1 hour per headset. A maximum of 2 players per headset is allowed. A minimum of 2 headsets must be booked for the hour in order to share. When you are not in a headset we ask that you stay in your sitting area.

What if I want to play other VR games?

For intermediate and advanced VR players we have a full array of games to choose from. We ask that if you want to play games other than our highlighted experiences that you have played VR for at least 2 hours before coming to Key to Amaze.