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ScreamVR Experience

by appointment only and for a limited time only


Haunted houses are so short lived. Why not stay for a while and experience true horror that surrounds you. Zombies suck, don't show them any mercy. Monsters suck, kill them first! Whatever it takes, just don’t run out of bullets! It will be the last thing you do....


Hell, for 49.99 you get scared to death for almost an hour, and you don’t need to wait 2 hours in the freezing cold! Parents, know your kids, our age limit is 11+ for this one, but it is up to you. Give your kids nightmares, we won't be there to clean the mess.  

11+ age limit applies.


So even if you don’t come play VR with us this year, we hope you have a Happy Halloween. Remember, Zombies just want hugs


Thanks for reading, if you have made it this far I guess you deserve something. Here's a coupon code for eight dollars off per person, it’s  halloween2023. 



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